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Inspired by the love of the natural world... various wood, shells, fibres and many natural materials call to be created by Kevin into expressions of spirit.  Enchanting Miniture Kalimba pendants, bowls, and onward....  Each piece of art is designed with skillful care, and holy intention infused into its creation.

Kevin Spears combines his connection with the Healing Sounds of the Kalimba with his love of working with raw materials to create incredible handcrafted one of a kind Kalimbas in addition to his new Pro-Kalimba developed with Midid music!

Midi Music has teamed up with Kevin to produce a superier Kalimba that can reach accross time, blending into the future of sound capabilities.  Featuring 24 keys, a sound board and Special tuning offer a world of options to take the Kalimba to a new level of technology. It is an honour to offer the joy of handling a unique insturment that has carried men and women on journeys of sound for thousands of years, made with high quality craftmanship.  


Kevin's handcrafted Kalimba have their own distinction of musical and visual artistry.  Textures derived from various combinations of wood, fibres and leather are meticulously  pieced together.   Each inspired Kalimba creates a visual and sensual pleasure that adds to the beauty of the musical journey you take with your Kalimba.  Like all of his art, music and daily living,  holy intention is infused into each of his creations.


                                               ,  to order customized pieces.                                             

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